Solidtec ST20

This palletizer is designed to offer a high level of stacking quality with minimal manual labour. Its sturdy design results in a very low maintenance interval. It can reach a capacity of 15 bags per minute. The manipulator positions your product with the utmost accuracy on the formation slides. This allows the possibilty for overlapping of bags.

The formation slides are an indispensable feature to ensure a high capacity aswell as a great stability. The automatic palletinfeed ensures an automated process The userfriendly controls are very intuïtive. The free programmable controls offer a setup that meets all of your requirements. Your settings can be changed and stored in the controls.

A number of options are available to meet your requirements.

Perfect stacking result

By applying specific techniques, it is possible to realize a perfectly stacked pallet with your product.

Easy to use

Thanks to the intuitive control, this machine is a good solution to take the first step in palletizing.

Capacity: up to 15 bags per minute
Bags sizes: up to 900 mm in length
Pallet sizes: any pallet up to 1.600 mm wide
Pallet infeed: automatic opallet infeed system
Controls: touch screen with LAN connectivity

  • Enclosed stacking console
  • Dual purpose manipulator for handling bags, boxes and crates
  • Electrical adjustable stacking collar

In short

  • High quality machine with equally high stacking performance
  • Automated process
  • Userfriendly interface
  • Low maintenance interval