APH Group becomes a distributor of Solidtec

Recently, Solidtec and APH Group agreed on cooperation in marketing, sales and service in Central-Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia.
APH Group is the worlds largest potato and vegetable equipment dealer. It has sales and service centers in many countries. APH has got an important position in the market as an integrator for grading, washing and packing lines for potatoes and vegetables.

“We are very happy with this cooperation,” remarks Mr. Edwin Moerdijk, director and founder of Solidtec, “APH Group has already proved, at our group’s company Manter, to be a well-organized sales and service company.”

“We are glad to add Solidtec to our range of A-Brands.” remarks Mr. Steven Koop, head of the washing and packing equipment department of APH Group. “Our clients are professional players who are looking for the latest trends and technologies at the highest quality standards. Full integration and communication between the different machines in a packing and palletizing line becomes more and more important”

Both Solidtec and APH Group look forward to a long lasting, successful, collaboration.

For further information please contact:
Solidtec B.V.

New development

Solidtec introduces a new development for bag positioning.

This development has been going on for some time, but now it has taken concrete form. The manipulator is constructed symmetrically, which benefits the efficiency of the rotation. The symmetry makes it possible to load the manipulator from 2 sides. This method saves you the time it takes to turn back from a 180 degree rotation. A major additional advantage is that the maintenance interval of the rotation mechanism is greatly reduced. All in all a great development that benefits the capacity and the service life.

Would you like to know more about what this development can mean for your palletizing process? Please contact our sales department.

We had a great time at Fruitlogistica Berlin! Together with our partners Solidtec attended for the first time. On display our newest innovation: Dual Infeed manipulator. On the one hand, this innovation increases capacity and on the other, it reduces wear.

Recently Manter and Solidtec shareholders reached agreement on the participation of Manter in Solidtec, manufacturer of palletising systems.

The share transaction generates a close cooperation between the two companies, which results in an even better total solution for customers in the field of weighing, packaging and palletising. Although both companies will continue operating independently, the customer will benefit from even better total-solutions.

End-of-line total-solutions provider

“For many years Manter sees an increasing demand for end-of-line solutions, wherein machine integration and data exchange are fundamental. Sharing knowledge and data is crucial here, but not obvious. The close cooperation with Solidtec enables us to integrate our machines more efficiently into palletising systems. This gives us the opportunity to offer an integral solution with our customer as the ‘big winner'”, says Herman Wehkamp, managing directorof Manter.

Cooperation is a logical choice

For Solidtec, the cooperation with Manter comes at the right time. Edwin Moerdijk, managing director of Solidtec: “We have grown rapidly both in turnover and number of employees in the past few years. In order to take the next step in this growing process, the cooperation with Manter is logical choice. The synergy between the companies is obvious and allows us to serve our customers better.”

Sales and service separate

Although both companies will cooperate behind the scenes, the dealer-and agent networks remain unchanged. “Of course we will investigate how we can reinforce one another in the future, but not before consulting our existing dealers. They have greatly contributed to where both companies stand today,we want to respect that”, ends Herman Wehkamp

You can contact us for more information:

Solidtec B.V.
Attn. Edwin Moerdijk
+31 (0)85 1307470

Manter International B.V.
Attn. Herman Wehkamp
+31 (0)591 626300

Bio-Ui processes organic onions from Biddinghuizen. The onions are processed and packaged under the guidance of Guido Aaldering. In recent years, there has been a desire to further automate the palletizing process.

Bio-Ui wanted to be able to do the following with their new machine:

  • Possibility to process both 80 x 120 cm and 100 x 120 cm pallets
  • Possibility to stack 5 kg onion bags
  • Capacity increase

Solidtec has proposed a solution in close consultation with which all these issues could be realized. In addition to the desired new possibilities, a proposal has also been made to fully automate the wrapping process of the stacked pallet.

Now the forklift driver only has move a fully stacked, transport-ready pallet to the distribution area.