Solidtec machines are made to run for many years in production at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. To achieve this, proper maintenance and good service are of crucial importance. Our team provides you with the maintenance you need to keep your machines in perfect condition. Periodic maintenance can be scheduled at a time that suits you, so the maintenance has no unnecessary impact on your production. With the right periodic maintenance you reduce the chance of interim malfunctions and unforeseen costs. Solidtec’s Support Service assures you of keeping your machines in perfect condition.


Does a malfunction occur? Even then you can count on us! Contact our service department to resolve the malfunction as quickly as possible. During your service call we can, if necessary, watch virtually with you. Our machines have the ability to connect to the internet. It is therefore possible to read your machine remotely. Does your production run 24/7? Please contact us for our 24/7 service options. Solidtec is also the right place for parts. We ship worldwide from our factory in Dronten, the Netherlands.


Shipped worldwide

Looking for parts? We are happy to help you with this. Please contact our service department. Good to know: we ship worldwide.


Fast & Efficient

We employ fully trained technicians for first-line service, which means we can provide you with a fast and efficient service.



To guarantee the proper functioning of your machines, periodic maintenance is of great importance.

Online Service

Remote help

All our machines have the option for an online connection, so that we can watch remotely, for faster response to service calls.